Commercial Garage Doors

For our commercial customer we suggest Haas Commercial Garage doors. Haas offers exceptional quality and versatility for our commercial customers.

Haas has large selection of commercial garage doors that are insulated and the level of insulation varies based on the door model. They offer a commercial garage door with a R-value rating of 25.8 the highest in the industry. Their selection of insulated doors with varying R values lets us select the door that is right for our customer’s application.

When we select an insulation level for a commercial customer’s garage door we factor in the following variables:

  • The usage of the garage door. Is it opened frequently for long periods of time or only occasionally?
  • Is the space heated or cooled?
  • Does the door need to help deaden noise for either a better work environment for employees or for the business to be a considerate neighbor?

Haas doors are also easy to configure so that your door can meet your functional needs. Whether you need full view windows for safety or don’t need any windows at all, each door can be configured to meet your specific needs.
Who says a commercial garage door has to be boring. Haas doors are even available to complement contemporary designs with tinted glass and aluminum frames perfect for applications like dealerships, auto service centers, car washes, fire stations and other high cycle applications.

They also offer a line of economical steel doors that are not insulated when the budget is the prime consideration.

So when it comes to selecting the right garage door for our commercial customers Haas has the model, features, functionality and reliability that our commercial customers demand.

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